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Aldershot 6x8m log cabin

Log Cabin 6x8m Aldershot

  • Overall log cabin width: 6m
  • Overall log cabin depth excluding roof canopy: 8m
  • Wall height: 1.9m
  • Ridge height: 2.7m
  • Roof canopy: 1.0m
  • Single windows 1230x710mm : 4
  • Single door
  • Partition wall dividing the cabin into equally sized rooms


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At 6m x 8m, such a large cabin requires a strong and sturdy base that is flat and level. You could lay a concrete base, but this will not only take a lot of time, effort and money but also require expertise in building the shuttering and laying the concrete. Or you could opt for our raised timber base system which requires much less labour, time and materials - the cost is shown in the optional extras and a step by step guide with photos can be seen here.