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Worcester 5m x 4m Round Log Cabin

Worcester Log Cabin


Technical Specifications

  • Cabin Width- 5m
  • Cabin Depth- 4m, not including roof overhangs
  • Eaves Wall Height- 2.2m
  • Ridge height- 3m
  • Front Canopy- 1m
  • Verandah- 1m
  • Roof boards- 19mm solid wood T&G
  • floor boards- 19mm solid wood T&G
  • Double glazed double windows 980x1365 : 2
  • Double glazed single windows 980x710mm : 2
  • Double glazed double doors, half glazed 1855x1565mm : 1


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A 5x4m cabin gives plenty of space inside for a games room or furniture for garden dining with the option of a decked verandah for coffees afterwards.

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