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5x3m lean-to non-square sun room

Starting at: £3,452.72

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I want to modify the size/design of this building

Change roof style option

Roofing Felt in Rolls

Felt Shingles (self bonding and fibre reinforced for expected lifespan of 30 years)

EPDM rubber roofing, easy self-installation

Glazing upgrade (for standard windows and doors only)

Upgrade to house quality windows & doors with multipoint locking

High quality 68mm glulam tilt & turn frames, keyed locks

Extra partition walling (extra charges will apply if factory painting and/or installation is also required)

Base For Log Cabin

Weed and damp-proof membranes

Roof and Floor insulation kit for single skin cabins (thickness for each element shown in brackets)

Veranda (the roof canopy measurement remains as listed above)

Floor Upgrade

(NB you will need to order extra paint if you intend to paint your roof overhangs/canopies to match the walls)

Factory painting- timber is planed, not sanded before treatment is applied

Sadolin Classic / Superdec / Remmers (self application) - long lasting protection

Sadolin Classic & Remmers = translucent, Superdec = semi-opaque - supplied in tins, enough for 2 coats externally

Stone pine






Rustic oak

Light oak


Frisian blue

Salt green

Fir green


Silver grey

Clay grey

Window grey

Tuscany grey

Graphite grey

Sand grey

Mist grey

Platinum grey

Water grey

Anthracite grey

Granite grey


Gold star base coat (self-application)

Cabin images on our website may also show optional extras (roof coverings, verandas etc). The paint colours represented on our website may not be an exact match to the colour of timber treatment you purchase. If in doubt, try a sample pot first

All surfaces (internal ans external) of your log cabin must be painted with an appropriate timber treatment or sealer


This is our showground model built to show what is possible and to give you ideas.
There are no square corners on this building.
We often find that our buildings, cabins, sheds, etc are positioned into a corner of the garden where more often than not, it is not square and there ends up being wasted ground behind which is why we have developed this flexible shaped cabin. It does need to be a lean-to rather than a stand-alone structure, so the idea is for you to choose a regular log cabin from our standard range to which the made-to-shape can be attached and fill the remaining space.
Windows and doors can be inserted wherever required including inter-connecting doors back into the main cabin- ideal if this lean-to has been built behind the main cabin into an area where there would ordinarily be no access.
The model pictured has a rubber EPDM roof system, which is one large piece of rubber with no joins - therefore no leaks. It is made by Firestone and has a life expectancy of around 50 years!
The windows and doors shown in the photos are all bespoke to show that we can also supply made to order bespoke joinery, whether it be a non-standard size or a different design, or both. The pricing below is shown for standard windows and doors (2 x half glazed double doors and 2 double windows).

  • Model: Made-to-shape-log-cabin-01
  • Manufactured by: Hortons

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