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Folkestone 5x13m Log Cabin

Log Cabin 5x13m Folkestone

Log Cabin Dimensions

  • Imperial footprint size (approx) of log cabin = 16' x 42'
  • Overall log cabin width: 5m
  • Overall log cabin depth excluding roof canopy: 13m
  • Minimum base width required: 4.80m
  • Minimum base depth required: 12.80m
  • Wall height: 2.1m
  • Ridge height: 2.7m
  • Roof canopy: 1.0m
  • T&G roof board thickness: 19mm
  • T&G floor board thickness: 19mm

Also Included With This Log Cabin

  • Double glazed single windows 1230x710mm : 6
  • Double glazed double doors, half glazed 1855x1565mm:1
  • Single door, fully boarded 1855x850mm:2
  • Tanalised floor bearers
  • Internal partitioning


more info....

65 sqm of cabin! This massive cabin is avalable in many different wall log thicknesses- your intended use for this cabin will probably dictate which wall thickness and specification you should opt for.

This 5x13m log cabin is the longest of our standard 5m wide log cabin designs, but further prices are listed for each wall thickness in the list below should you require longer than this - ie 5x14m, 5x15m and 5x16m log cabins are all available. Should you need even longer than this, please forward a design or plan as there are a large number of different possibilities with both design and specification.

Monthly Specials For February

45mm Folkestone 5x13 Log Cabin
£8,127.81  £7,547.25
Save: 7% off
Folkestone 70mm 5.0 x 13.0m
£11,596.02  £10,822.95
Save: 7% off