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Canterbury - 5m x 7m log cabin

Log Cabin 5m x 7m Canterbury

  • Overall log cabin width:5.0m
  • Overall log cabin depth excluding roof canopy:7.0m
  • Wall height:2.1m
  • Ridge height:2.7m
  • Roof canopy:1.0m
  • Single windows 1230x710mm :2
  • 1 pair of half glazed entrance doors
  • 1 x Single exterior fully boarded door
  • 1 x Single interior fully boarded door
  • Partition


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This is a 5m wide x 7m deep, 2 roomed log cabin  with glazing for light in the front room and just 2 fully boarded doors for the rear room (meaning this room can be accessed via the front room or independantly from outside) which is ideal for storage. We can add some windows into the rear room as well should you require them.

Monthly Specials For February

Canterbury 70mm 5.0 x 7.0m
£7,356.94  £6,656.28
Save: 10% off
Canterbury 35mm 5m x 7m log cabin
£4,500.68  £4,157.77
Save: 8% off