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Brentwood 4x6m Log Cabin

4x6m Log Cabin in Brentwood Design

Log Cabin Dimensions

  • Overall log cabin width : 4m
  • Overall log cabin depth excluding roof canopy : 6m
  • Roof canopy 1m
  • Wall height : 2.1m
  • Ridge height : 2.5m
  • T&G roof board thickness : 19 mm
  • T&G floor board thickness : 19mm

Also Included With This Log Cabin

  • Double glazed double windows 980x1365 : 3
  • Double glazed double doors, fully glazed 1855x1565mm : 1
  • Tanalised floor bearers


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A larger version of the 4x5m Taylor log cabin which also has an extra double window, ideal for a work bench underneath along the 6m wall- a woodworkers dream!