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Topdressing BD3 70/30


(Price shown is for 1 bulk bag.  With multiple orders, discount applies)
Topdressing benefits the lawn as it builds up the quality of  the soil over a period of time.  This means that sandy soils will retain its moisture more efficiently and therefore the lawn will become more resistant to drought.  In addition clay soils will drain much better and this will then help to improve root development. 
Topdressing is also done to help to even out the surface of a lawn, reducing and eliminating any lumps and bumps, filling in any small hollows that may develop over time.  It also stimulates new shoots to grow, therefore helping to produce a more dense, green cover which in turn reduces the chances of weed and moss infestation. 

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  • Model: topdress70/30
  • Manufactured by: Hortons Landscaping

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